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Start a Cheer Calendar
Send a note like this one:

Hi Friends and Family,

I'm putting together a cheer calendar and need your help if you have the time. As you know, our girlfriend is going through some tough cancer treatments and I know it would help her to know that we are all thinking of her throughout her battle. The goal is for her to receive a card in the mail every day for the next 30-40 days. It can be any type of card (serious, funny etc.). If you are interested in participating, just send me an email. I will send you her address and assign you a day when you would put a card in the mail to her (i.e. this is the day you would actually mail the card; not the day it needs to arrive). Also, feel free to send this "invitation to participate" to other people who might want to help (your Mom, sister, best friend etc.) and just have them contact me!

Thanks so much,

Then mark your calendar:

Plan a Power Surge

Recipe for A Power Surge (Serves 1 - 500):
  • CD player and all your favorite music in the world (maybe the stuff you listened to when you were in school??
  • Your beverages of choice
  • Any and all headgear, the more outrageous the better (optional)
  • Chocolate (of course)
Gather all your best girlfriends and tap into the power of women to get charged up for the journey ahead of you. Eat, drink, laugh, and dance! You'll have the power of TOWANDA running in your blood when they leave and you'll be able to face treatment like the warrior you are! (Yes, you can do this!)

You can call, email, or send real invitations. When somebody asks, "What can I do?" give them your list of the women you want there and ask them to make the calls. Whatever, get together the funniest, smartest, most positive women you know and do not include anyone who will contribute negative energy!

When they ask, "What can I bring?" the answer you give is "A good boob joke, a positive attitude, your favorite CD, and the best Karma you can get your hands on!" (When Judith threw her power surge, it ended about 3 a.m. with women dancing on the kitchen table doing their very best "Supremes" imitations. The next morning her husband pointed out that there were handprints on the ceiling. She replied, "So? You say it like it's a bad thing!")

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Towanda FUNdraiser
Party in a Box

The Towanda FUNdraiser Party in a Box and FUNdraiser Planning Manual give you everything you need to host your own FUNdraiser to benefit Team Towanda Foundation.
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