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"There is <u>NEVER nothing</u> to be done." - Towanda

So many of our friends tell us they want to join in the fight against breast cancer, but don't know where to start. Here are some specific ideas of what YOU can do today to help Team Towanda in the fight against breast cancer.

We're not asking you to move mountains by yourself. Just carry a bucket of sand, girlfriend.

  • Get your mammogram. Call your best friend and make sure she schedules one, too.

  • Talk to your mom about getting her mammogram. Talk to an elderly neighbor. Offer to take her.

  • Pray - for a cure. For women who are alone. For women who are afraid. For women who have to choose between healthcare and feeding their kids.

  • Check the box on your Income Tax Return Form to donate to breast cancer research.

  • Sign up to do a Walk for the Cure/Relay for the Cure.

  • Wear a pink ribbon and notice when others wear one. Ask her if she's heard of TTF and give her our web site.

  • If you own a shop, consider donating a percentage of sales of a particular item to TTF. Include TTF in your advertising.

  • Celebrate a survivor's anniversary with a gift to TTF in her name.

  • Consider The Charge of the Casserole Calvary for any gift-giving event: housewarming, hostess gift, bridal shower gifts, teacher gifts and secretary's day.

  • Buy an extra book and mark it "Display.' Leave it in the teachers' lounge at school, your gym, the orthodontist, or the office where you get your mammogram. Donate a copy to your local library.

  • Invite TTF to talk to a Girl Scout troop or a Community Service organization at your school. Organize kids to help make mammogram bracelets or key chains to be given out at TTF events.

  • Bring a cookbook to a survivor group meeting. Offer to take orders.

  • Ask your employer to sponsor a printing of The Charge of the Casserole Calvary. We can include an acknowledgment page to thank them for their generosity.

  • Buy an extra cookbook or two, even if you don't know who you will give it to. The sad fact is, within the next few months, you'll likely hear of someone who needs it.

  • Got a great boob joke or story? Share it with us! We'll use it somewhere!

  • Find some synergy between TTF and another group you are involved with. Connect the dots!

  • Host a Towanda dinner party! Invite a bunch of friends and make a fabulous dinner from The Charge of the Casserole Calvary. Ask for a $15 donation per person and give cookbooks as favors at the end.

  • Open your eyes and see if someone in your life needs a Casserole Calvary or Cheer Calendar. Offer to organize it. This is not just someone battling cancer, but for someone in any kind of trouble.

  • Once in a while, give up a venti latte and buy breast cancer stamps instead.

  • Share this list with your girlfriends and forward other ideas to us at to include in future lists.


Invite Her Out

Call her and invite her out to lunch on a good week.


Give her the option of changing her mind, even at the last minute.

Surprise her by taking her to a fancy restaurant or appear with a wonderful picnic packed and ready to go! (But please don't bring or order fish or anything with a strong smell.)
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