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FUNdraiser Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who goes to this FUNdraiser?
It started out in January 2001 as a pre-chemo Power Surge at Judith’s house just before she began treatment for breast cancer. In 2002 we had a party to launch “The Charge of the Casserole Cavalry: The Official Towanda Cookbook” and it has grown every year. Girlfriends have brought friends who brought friends and the rest, as they say, is history! Several years we accepted 500 paid reservations that sold out immediately.

I only purchased one ticket. Is this going to be weird if I don’t know anybody there?
Girl, if you don’t have fun here, you are just not TRYING! You will be in a room so full of supportive women who are just in the mood to “girlfriend” all night long! The night is all about making new friends and meeting up with old ones. A great way to ease into the fun and action is to volunteer to do a job for part of the evening. You will definitely be paired up with someone and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to check things out before you jump in!

What do I wear?
Some girls are all dressed up. Some are in jeans and a tee shirt. Funky hat or wig is optional. Tiara and jeans makes perfect sense to us. Wear whatever you want! Truth is: nobody cares! Just wear comfortable shoes because you are going to want to dance, dance, dance! The only REQUIRED accessories are a SMILE and a GOOD ATTITUDE!

This event is about cancer. Am I going to come away depressed?
First of all, we want you to remember that you even asked this question. Oh, baby, are YOU in for a surprise! Hel-LO! This event is NOT about cancer! This is about girlfriends, friendship, celebrating life, and helping underserved, uninsured women get mammograms and breast related services. It’s about making EVERY woman aware that EARLY DETECTION SAVES LIVES! We call this our FUNdraiser. Now, does that sound depressing to you? The only way you’ll come away depressed is if you really, really, really work at it or get your bloomers in a twist because you don’t know the words to every song.


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