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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is TTF an IRS registered nonprofit charity?
A: Yes. We are an IRS 501(c)(3) charity.

Q: How much of my donation is used to pay staff salaries?
A: Zero. Zilch. We are a 100-percent volunteer organization.

Q: How much of my donation goes to professional fundraisers?
A: Nada. None. Nil. We depend on the friend-to-friend network and it's working pretty well so far.

Q: Can I donate to TTF through the United Way?
A: Yes! Team Towanda Foundation is a recognized United Way Charity and we request that you please consider selecting TTF as your designated charity. To do so, write in “Team Towanda Foundation of Wethersfield, Connecticut AG1704” on your pledge card.

Q: Is it possible to sponsor a special printing that includes an acknowledgment with my companies' name and logo?
A: Yes. Several companies regularly distribute our cookbook to clients as gifts. There is a minimum order of 100 books to include a printed acknowledgement. Please contact us.

Q: Are quantity discounts available?
A: Through the generosity of our printer, we have kept the price of the cookbook as low as possible to make it available to as many women as we can. Therefore, our actual margin of profit is quite low. Therefore, we are unable to offer additional discounts.

Q: Can we arrange for TTF to speak to our group?
A: TTF is run by a small handful of volunteers who are passionate about the Breast Cancer Cause, but who really have very limited time. We are available for a very small number of local talks or book signings.

Q: How long does take for delivery of a cookbook ordered online.
We process orders as received and usually opt to send them via "Media Mail" rates to minimize expenses. Most orders are received within 2 -3 weeks.

Q: For whom is this an appropriate gift?
Books have been given to newly diagnosed women, women completing treatment, celebrating another year of survivorship. Because the book isn't really about cancer, it has also been given for almost any other occasion you can think of: birthdays, housewarming, Mother's Day, teacher gift, babysitter gift, any type of "girlfriend occasion." One new bride ordered them for her entire wedding party!

Q: After speaking with my doctor, I am still confused. Can TTF help me with medical decisions?
Sorry, no. But the good news is, even though we don't have any medical expertise, we can tell you where to find it. Check out the links under "Resources" for excellent, reliable information that can help you ask the right questions to make the right medical decisions for you.

Q: How can I get involved with TTF?
Our main goal is to get this book into the hands of as many women as possible. It can be just the thing someone needs. You can help TTF by helping us spread the word to as many women as possible to check out our website and see what we're up to.

Add your name to our emailing list to receive our quarterly updates. We PROMISE that we will never, ever, EVER share our mailing lists with ANYONE. Not even for chocolate. Pinky swear.

Check out our list of ideas of what can I do?

And finally, the most important thing you can do to show your support of Team Towanda? GET YOUR MAMMOGRAM AND THEN CALL YOUR BEST FRIEND AND BE SURE SHE GETS ONE, TOO! Early detection saves lives. Period. Really.


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