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Please Sign-Up to be a Cheer Chain Sender

This sign-up form is for those who are willing to help spread some cheer by mailing a card or a note to help brighten someone's day.

Would you be willing to send a card or a note to someone who could use a lift? This is a low-pressure commitment and there’s no “calendar” to conform to with the version we have in mind. Our hope is that we will get a diversified chain of procrastinators whereby naturally some girlfriends will send out a note right away, some may take a while before they get one sent and others won’t send until even later. It’s how we all roll at various times, and how our girlfriend on the receiving end will benefit -- from the immediate to the random prolonged acts of kindness, prayers and sweet happy thoughts.

Once we have a group of people sign-up as being willing to send some cheer, then we will start accepting the contact info of those that could use some cheering up on a different form, that will be titled: Cheer Chain Requests.

What's a Cheer Calendar?

Readers of the Charge of the Casserole Cavalry are familiar with it.
Here’s an excerpt that described it:

Wall of Blessings & The Cheer Calendar

My pal Susan brought a calendar and a pack of “Post It” notes to the Power Surge. She passed it around to all my girlfriends who signed up for one or more days, and recorded their days on the “Post Its” to remind themselves. On her day, each girlfriend would be sure and send me a card, a note, or drop off a little “thinking of you” present at my door. They did this for every single day of my treatment, January through June. I can’t tell you how much I came to look forward to seeing that card in the mail every day. Especially with a long illness, you receive lots of cards in the first few weeks, then it kind of tapers off. These daily reminders that people were thinking of me were such a lift.

After school, the kids would bring my mail up to me and open the cards. It was then their job to tape the cards up on my bedroom walls, on my “Wall of Blessings”. By the time I finished treatment, two walls of my bedroom were completely covered, floor to ceiling with hundreds of messages of love and support. It was the first thing I would see when I opened my eyes in the morning, and the last thing I saw before I turned out the lights. On the many nights when I couldn’t sleep, I would turn on the lamp and just look at all the reminders of all the people that loved me who were praying for me and sending me strength, courage, care, and comfort. You have a choice: count your aches and pains, or count your blessings. How lucky am I; I never ran out of blessings to count before I fell back asleep.

My kids learned more about friendship, loyalty, and compassion from that Wall of Blessings than I could ever tell them.


We promise to never, ever, EVER share our email list with anyone, not even for chocolate. Pinky swear.

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