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About the Foundation

Team Towanda Foundation president Judith Melchreit underwent treatment for breast cancer in 2001 with an army of devoted friends and family beside her every step of the way. Among the hundreds of kindnesses these women provided to Judith and her family, none was more appreciated than the "Casserole Cavalry" her friends formed to deliver meals to the young family during the six months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. When treatment was complete, Judith and a handful of her friends came up with the idea to develop a cookbook to sell in order to raise money for a local breast cancer walk. The decision to include the incredible story of the network of friends who came together to help during the course of the illness soon elevated the project to much more than a collection of recipes. Judith describes the final product as a "love letter to her friends."

From this humble beginning, a simple but powerful idea grew. The unexpected success of this cookbook led to the formation of Team Towanda Foundation in February 2002. Today, Team Towanda Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the annual support of thousands of men and women and the participation of top doctors and hospitals.

Our Vision: To inspire friends and “Pink Ribbon Warriors” to draw upon the power of friendship, laughter and kindness in the fight against breast cancer.

Our Mission: To support all those in our community affected by Breast Cancer, with a primary focus on the uninsured and underserved, and to raise awareness about Breast Cancer and the importance of early detection.

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Team Towanda Foundation was established in February 2002 by a handful of women who said "Enough is enough. Let's get busy and do something!"

Where did the Pink-Ribbon Warrior Come from?

One of my artist friends drew a picture of an Amazon/Nordic warrior woman. She carried a pink sword, had a pink ribbon on her breast, and had big lightening bolts coming out of her breasts. "This," I was told, "is the mental image you are going to carry into the battle of your life. This Pink Ribbon Warrior is going to fight the battle with you." And so Towanda was born. She was an incredibly powerful visual to hold in my mind while I waited for the chemo drugs to do their work.

   — Judith Melchreit

UNITED WAY: Please consider selecting TTF as your designated United Way Charity. To do so, write in “Team Towanda Foundation of Wethersfield, Connecticut AG1704” on your pledge card.
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